Right influencer for your brand

In order for your ad to reach the right audience, we will carefully select the right content maker  among  multiple of Watan categories that include influential influencers, .

and Watan categories include:

  •  Music.
  • Sports.
  • Foods.
  • Games.
  • Cosmetic.
  • Travel.

And others.

Influencers Management

We manage advertising, relationships, reservations, appointments, and correspondence through Watan network,

, which extends locally and globally, allowing the influencer to concentrate only on his content.

Social Media

We create professional content in terms of design, content and download schedule for social media such as(Instagram – YouTube – snap chat – Facebook) which makes those account more  interactive, and we also periodically take care of contacting and interacting with followers .

Sponsorship consultancy

We direct the influencer to move towards achieving an income that meets the quality of what he offers through Watan consultants who have long working experience  with major companies in the past years, and the consultation is given  after scrutinized study history of the influencer then he offered  an adequate  economic solutions.

Plans Ads campaign

After choosing the right influencer, we formulate appropriate  advertising method that suits your business identity nature  based on:

  • Targeted group by gender, age and geographic location.
  • quality content production.
  • Professional creative content within the ad.
  • Schedule the appropriate dates for the ad.

This can lead to lower budget and better results.

Media Booking

Make reservations in TV channels and radio stations, and participate in the preparation and processing of the influencer  to achieve the level of the required professionalism in the respective  platforms.

Media channels we collaborate with:

TV Radio Social Media
MBC MBC FM Facebook
Rotana Rotana FM Twitter
Mix FM YouTube
Alif Alif Google ads

Creative Content Production

Watan has a multi-tasking team of directors, photographers, designers, lighting and sound professionals and graphic writing professionals  and this team is equipped with necessary professional tools to ensure that work is released in the best possible way.


Create a professional visual identity for companies and individuals with professional designs that achieve the vision that represents its owner and involves messages reaching the targeted group of the brand or personal entity, including:

  • Logo
  • Marketing phrase
  • Entity message
  • Letter  templates  Design
  • Seals
  • Contract designs
  • Letterhead
  •  envelopes

Music Studio

Professional studio for recording for  singing, voice over and all other prose and poetry. The service includes sound engineering, adding effects and making  right reserved musical tunes commensurate with the work under the supervision of

Music Producer – Saleh AlHadad

  • MuziKal.(Saleh Haddad, Bader Maghrabi & Qusai )
  • Alghoraba.( Omar Hussain, Slow Moe, Lil Eazy & Muslim )

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